Taking a break

Today we were in town going down the highway when our vehicle goes dead. We coast into an empty parking space right beside a Popeyes. Then, we realized we had a big problem. Our brakes weren’t working. We put the vehicle in park and turned off the ignition. This wasn’t the first time our vehicle had gone dead, but it was the first time our brakes quit working. The best thing to do, we decided, was to let the vehicle rest for a while. We walked over and had lunch at Popeyes and thirty minutes later went back to the car and crank it up. It worked fine, even the brakes! We made our way cautiously to the Autozone across the road. They checked it out and confirmed that our vehicle overheated and had to be shut off for a while. They gave us a part that needed to be put in and sent us home. We made it back just fine

But this whole experience got me thinking. Sometimes we can be just like that vehicle. We go and go until we over heat and shut down. We need to learn how to just rest, so we can start up again. We always find ourselves running and doing, but to what gain? We exhaust ourselves trying to keep up with the fast pace of the world, when all we really need to do is pull over and sit in park. Just because others are zooming past us doesn’t obligate us to keep up or even keep going. Taking a break doesn’t mean we won’t reach our destination, it just means we will get there when we get there! If you are exhausted from trying to keep up, then pull over, slow down, take a break. Then start on back up again!

-Liv 🌸



Hey y’all! I’m so excited to start this blog and connect with everyone! Here’s how this blog got started!

I wanted to share so many experiences I have had, and I always have loved to write! I thought a blog would be the perfect way to do just that! I hope my blog will inspire people, but it’s really just for fun! I will be sharing so many things, even if they are at the random! So have fun and enjoy! Stay in touch because you never know what i will be writing about 😉

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